About Paraiba Dealers

paraiba-gemParaiba tourmalines are very hard to find due to their rarity. Even established gemstone dealers will have problems getting a large selection of these amazing blue stones.

On this site we offer our personal stones as well as the inventory of a number of other established dealers. Our site contains the largest stock of quality paraiba tourmalines on the web.

Since many of the Paraiba Gemstones offered on our site range in the thousands of dollars we do expect anyone to punch in their credit card based on a picture. By checking out with our shopping cart you simply provide your contact information.You will then be contacted by the dealer who ownes the stone you ordered. The dealer will provide the information and assurance that is needed to complete such a large purchase. If you simply have a question about a stone please use our contact form instead of ordering the stone.

We do not impose prices upon our affiliate Paraiba Dealers. You will therefore find some stones that are better priced then others. Browses through our collection and you might find some nicely priced Paraiba stones.

Steve Rhodes G.G.
Paraiba Dealers
119 Doughty Blvd.
Inwood, New York 11096
United States
Phone: 718-301-5940
Email: steve@paraibadealer.com

How Our Paraiba Dealers Site Works

  • Our site lists our own Paraiba Tourmalines as well as the stones of a number of other    established gem dealers.
  • Many of the stones listed on our site are not listed elsewhere on the internet. Those that   are, have the same price as they do on our site. We do not markup the stones.
  • By checking out with our shopping cart you only provide your contact information which is    forwarded to the dealer who owns the stone.
  • For questions about a particular stone please use our contact form or call us.
  • We also have a number of jewelry pieces on our site. If you do not find a piece of jewelry   that you like, pick a stone then email us a picture of what you would like created and we   can create it for you at a fair price.
  • Each dealer decides the prices of their stones. Therefore there are some stones that are    much better priced then others. Search through our inventory and you can find some great    deals.
  • Some stones are already certified by a lab, this will be indicated in the stone description.   All other stones can be certified for a minor fee.
  • Each dealer has different policies regarding shipping and returns. However all of them offer   some return policy. Shipping prices very, some dealers offer free shipping.


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