Buy Paraiba Tourmaline Bracelets

Display your wealth and social stance with one of the classy rare and priceless bracelets. Have every eye at the party glued to your wrist as you walk around in a neon blue paraiba bracelet.

If you are a retailer show your savvy and affluent customers that you look out for them. Display a number of these eye pulling paraiba bracelets in your jewelry case and gain your clients respect.

We accept custom orders on any number of designs and are willing to work with the customer to create the perfect piece that will become irreplaceable. We have a track record of service and reliability, let us create your perfect paraiba bracelet. For customers wishing to use their personal jeweler we can supply the loose gemstones in all sizes and cuts.

paraiba-braceletChoose from our large selection of Paraiba Bracelets. We have bracelets set with all varying qualities and sizes of paraiba.

Additional we can set and customize our Paraiba gemstones into any bracelet setting requested by the customer.


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