Paraiba Tourmaline Earrings

Let your jewelry express your wealth. One look at your paraiba tourmaline earrings will convince people of your social stature. Beautiful neon blue stones set in a variety of gold settings will make these earrings the most valuable in your collection. Add these rare and priceless paraiba gems to your wardrobe.

Even a single pair of paraiba tourmaline gemstone earrings displayed in a retail shop will change the entire image of the jewelry store. If you have well to do clients, show them you care by supplying them with earrings made from the finest gemstone on earth; the paraiba tourmaline.

paraiba-earringsWe offer many styles and designs of paraiba earrings using all grades and sizes of the gemstone.

All of our designs are can be customized. For customers who would like their personal design, we will happily work with them or supply them loose Paraiba gemstones.


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