Paraiba Tourmaline Necklace & Pendants

Stun the crowed at the next party with a paraiba necklace. People will just gap at the bright electric blue color not found in any other gemstone. Those a little familiar with the Paraiba will gaze in envy knowing the heavy price tag behind the stone.

We have been dealing with paraiba tourmalines for many years and hand pick the perfect gemstones for our necklaces and pendants. Displaying even one or two of them in your upper class jewelry store will draw in the type of customers that you are looking for.

We are are willing to work with wholesalers, designers, retail stores and individual consumers.

paraiba-necklaceChoose from our vast selection of necklaces and pendants, then pick the perfect paraiba tourmaline and we will set it.

We are willing to work with your personal jeweler to perfect the perfect design for your paraiba necklace and pendant. We can even offer you loose paraiba gemstones that you can set to your personal taste.


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