Paraiba Tourmaline Rings

Let your ring tell people who you are. A rare and priceless Paraiba Tourmaline on your finger will give that first impression that will last forever. Have your friends gaze in envy as you display a ring set with a neon blue paraiba weighing a couple carats.

Retailers, have people flock to your store like a gem museum, by displaying a number of fine paraiba rings in your jewelry cases. If you are a high end jewelry retail store, live up to your name by carrying some beautiful paraiba gemstone rings.

We offer both rings with large paraiba gemstones weighing a carat plus many set with mellie stones smaller then a carat. We have all grades, shapes and sizes of paraiba tourmaline gemstones and can set them in a variety of rings and settings.

paraiba-ringPick from our carefully crafted selection of Paraiba Tourmaline rings. Our line contains many styles and designs. We can customize any ring to your specific taste and are willing to work with your personal jewelry design house.


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